Our in-depth content strategies are designed to ensure you have everything you need for long term SEO, social media and PR success. This process is education heavy and comes complete with guidelines, templates and calendars to ensure you're confident to put insights into action.

1 - Kick off & Discovery

Kick off meeting:

  • Give an overview of the project and our approach to the marketing strategy. This will include:

    • Explanation of marketing tactics used in strategy including the skyscraping approach to attract the customer.

    • Collaboratively listing customer ‘pain points’ and drafting an empathy map,

    • Definition of the ideal customer,

    • Gain further understanding of the client's product offering, brand, pricing and competitors.

  • Unpack the next steps and give an overview of what the final strategy will include.

Desk research:

  • Review website, google analytics, search console, and social media data.

  • Complete SEO keyword research to identity core terms for the website and blog content.

  • Review Google Analytics goals and channel attribution - discover what channels are generating greatest ROI.

  • Review any business documents including business plans, mission and vision statements, etc that aid in the direction of marketing plans.

  • Research: identify ideal customer’s online path to purchase using Global Web Index, Google Consumer Insights and further data to present insights in content strategy document.


  • 1x 1.5 to 2 hour meeting.

2 - Setting the brand & Editorial vision

Required for content strategy to ladder into.

  • Top level review of brand to uncover key opportunities for pioneering the brand forward to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  • Sight creative assets: current brand proposition, imagery and business mission and vision.

  • Develop editorial vision statement.


  • 1x Check in meeting on direction before commencing strategy.

  • 1x Draft editorial vision statement for review.

3 - Strategy Handover & education

Content Strategy to include:

  • Distill findings and insights on target market:

    • List what offsite communications and platforms are needed to gain attention and increase sales.

    • Answer what media do they consume and what is their online path to purchase, what social media platform are required, what role does SEO play.

    • Finalise empathy map: what do they think, feel, want.

  • Develop content pillars based on branding insights from the workshop.

  • Introduction to the the Hub, Hero, Hygiene content framework - education on how SEO, social media and PR content must all work together.

  • Long tail keyword research for blog content - unlike website keyword research this is less product or service orientated and must look at wider topics ideal for blog content.

  • SEO blog content template including instructions on how to place a keyword throughout an article.

  • Tone of voice one pager (designed for blog and social media content only).

  • Example content that connects to pillars and the overarching brand - use as guide for content creators.

  • Mood board of on-brand and off-brand images.

  • Content calendar template - blank, for content creator to populate based on strategy.

  • Map out ideal content creation workflow and processes between internal marketing staff, suppliers and industry experts.


  • 1x Presentation and education session covering the above.

  • 1x Strategy slide document.

  • 1x Template content calendar.

  • 1x Six month brand planning (key messaging) template.

  • 1x Writing for SEO content template and checklist.

  • 1x Content creation brief for staff or external suppliers.

Skills sets required: Senior digital strategist, SEO consultant, social media advisor.

Starting costs: $7,000