This process is to develop an actionable brand and marketing plan that is inclusive of both traditional and digital activities. To achieve this we will partner with branding specialists Cúpla to develop and distill a marketing roadmap that takes into account the desired outcomes of all internal business stakeholders.

Project outcomes

  • Collaboratively develop and distill a unique and own-able brand positioning.

  • Create a strategic brand blueprint to use as the company’s guidelines for future marketing activities.

  • List, triage and provide top level costs for marketing activities to bring the brand to life and increase website traffic or in-store visitations.

1 - Brand Audit and territories

Discovery and immersion into the competitive landscape that uncovers global trends, best practice, target audience mindsets, and strategic objectives.

From here we develop a range of brand opportunities and territories to present and discuss in working session below.

2 - Branding and action plan workshop

A facilitated half day working session with the marketing team and core stakeholders to cover:

  • Presentation of the audit findings and insights. Discuss the most compelling, interesting and relevant insights for the brand story.

  • Refining audience profiles.

  • Sharing, dissecting and rebuilding the brand territories into a preferred direction.

  • Discussion and prioritisation of short, medium and long-term strategic directions and specific areas of action. Bring the chosen brand story to life to achieve business and marketing objectives.


1x Working session

1x Summary output pack from the workshop in PDF format.

3 - Action and activities plan

From the insights gained in the brand working session we will develop a simple, actionable document that outlines the priorities, tasks, resourcing and budget requirements inclusive of digital and traditional marketing activities.

Documented in 15-20 slide PDF, designed to allow the client’s team to use as an ongoing decision making guideline and marketing resource.


1x Presentation via Google Hangouts.

1x PDF Documented in 15-20 slides.

Skills sets required: Senior brand strategist, senior digital strategist.

Starting costs: $8,000