Corporate Content marketing and SEO Training


Content Marketing - The Art of Algorithms

In 2016 and 2017 Content Marketing became a hot topic but now savvy marketers and brand managers are asking more questions around it's long term impact and ROI. As the industry moves away from purely brand based executions, there is a need to understand how we bring together both creative excellence and search marketing (SEO) practices into holistic content executions and website optimisations.

In this training session participants not only learn the fundamentals of SEO but also how to create content that drives targeted traffic to your website that is inclusive of creative, social media, PR and technical SEO tasks. Thus highlighting the tasks across business departments required to achieve significant results in Google’s search rankings. By the end of the class you’ll have created an actionable task list to begin producing one piece of SEO content for long term marketing results.

Learning outcomes:

  • What is SEO and what are some of the 200 ranking factors.

  • How does quality creative impact algorithms in search engines.

  • How PR coverage, social shares and earned media connect with SEO.

  • Formatting and structuring content for better search engine visibility.

  • How to approach content strategy, creation and distribution for one SEO content execution.

Important notes:

  • Please allow 2.5 hours.

  • Please bring a laptop and a pen and paper.

  • Can be held in Melbourne or Sydney.

Take aways:

  • List of search ranking factors and SEO glossary.

  • SEO web content template and checklist.

Training Structure:

Part one - Understanding SEO

  • Introduction.

  • Overview of the changing media landscape and how to reduce the reliance on paid media.

  • Introduction to SEO - bots, crawling, keywords and links. Understanding the fundamentals of how search engines work.

  • Group work - interactive team work to develop a solid understanding of search ranking factors in accessible human language. Working in groups to deep dive into four core areas of SEO.

10 min break

Part two - Applying SEO to content, PR and social media

  • Introduction to YouTube’s Hub, Hero, Hygiene content strategy framework and digital KPIs.

  • Introduction to SEO ‘skyscraping’ - a content marketing tactic that outlines how to gain search traffic by outranking competitors on specific topics.

  • Practical task - working in pairs to develop a plan and creative framework for one piece of SEO content.

  • Q&A - opportunity to discuss content and SEO challenges the company might face when handling SEO tasks.

Skills sets required: Senior digital strategist

Starting costs: $2,000 per training session of 12 people or less