Completed over one or three months, this consultancy and training process is designed for small businesses to uncover their customer’s needs and find untapped opportunities for marketing and communications.

During this process we also complete an internal marketing skills audit and create a triaged list of marketing actions. The process is education heavy as we want to supply your team to work cost effectively with numerous materials to enable them to complete core SEO and content tasks. We compete this process with on-boarding and briefing of new speciality freelancers (AdWords, designers, UX if required) who work to the desired budget.

Month one - Discovery and strategy co-design

  • Discovery and co-design workshop that includes:

    • Gaining further understanding of the product offering, brand, pricing and competitors.

    • Collaboratively define the ideal customer.

    • Co-design the customer journey.

    • Completing a skills audit of internal marketing capabilities.

  • One on one meetings with market staff to understand their current processes and tools.

  • One on one meeting with business owner or manager to review marketing budget and KPIs.

  • Review website analytics and set up Google Search Console (for SEO) if required.

  • Creation of a top-level triaged marketing task list (road map) and skill levels required for each.


  • 1x 1.5 to 2 hour workshop for four to six staff with supporting strategy documentation.

  • 1x Half day at client’s place of work to complete one on one meetings with up to three staff.

  • 1x Triaged tasks list.

  • 1x Skills audit.

  • 1x List of tasks for staff to complete within the next month.

Note: This step can be taken by itself, or have the whole on-going consultancy over three months with the below services.

MOnth two - COntent and SEO training

  • Two hour Art of Algorithms SEO and content strategy training for up to six people.

  • Development of an Editorial Vision Statement.

  • Development of content pillars and supporting long tail keyword research for SEO.

  • Templates and supporting information including:

    • Six-month key messaging and marketing plan template - staff to complete later in the month.

    • Monthly content calendar template - staff to complete later in the month.

    • SEO blog content template.

  • Review last month’s client tasks - complete one on one meetings with up to three staff - review triaged tasks, agree on outsourcing any tasks required and allocate appropriate budget.


  • 1x Art of Algorithms training session.

  • 1x Half day at client’s place of work to complete one on one meetings.

  • 3x Content templates.

MOnth three - review and supplier on-boarding

  • Develop briefs for up to three external suppliers, depending on budget this may be outsourced internationally via UpWork or locally to known peers in Australia.

  • Source suppliers for each, brief and on-board. Handover to internal staff to manage.

  • Review client’s work on the brand plan and content calendars from last month.

  • Supply monthly content reporting template and train marketing staff on how to use.

  • Complete one on one progress meetings.


  • 3x Briefs and supplier on-boarding.

  • 3x Check-ins with suppliers later in the calendar month.

  • 1x Half day at client’s place of work to complete one on one meetings.

  • 1x Reporting template with staff training.

Skills sets required: Senior digital consultant

Starting costs: First month at $2,800 or choose all three months for a total of $7,500 + gst. Invoices then split over three months.

First month only service available nationally with additional travel costs. The full three months service is available in Melbourne only.